Artwork on Display

Artists Currently on Display:

Jan McKay

Jan McKay is a native of England, moved to Australia, now living and working as an artist in the United States. With 26 years experience as an Interior Designer, Jan developed a natural eye for beauty and design, which has translated into her paintings. With the tragic death of her daughter in 2008, Jan’s focus shifted from designer to artist. Her daughter Stephanie was talented in many areas, and took private art lessons for 3 yrs. After her passing, the art teacher suggested that Jan try art and she did. Learning under her daughter’s instructor, Jan discovered her love of art. The themes of her wildlife paintings reflect the love of mother and child.  Her subjects of wildlife and pets are the perfect subject to display the beauty of creation, and the love we have been given from above.

Karin Susan Cermak

Karin has been active for many years in the Muskogee and Tulsa art communities. Her ties to the art community are illustrated by the many groups and coalitions she supports and is a member of: Muskogee Art Guild, Tulsa Artists Guild, Tulsa Art Coalition, Oklahoma Visual Art Coalition and the Tulsa Art Civic Association Alpha Rho Tau, where she served as Historian, Vice President and President.

Her work is on display at some Muskogee businesses, including the Muskogee Phoenix newspaper and Armstrong Bank, and two paintings are displayed at the Muskogee Civic Center. Karin was commissioned by Women Who Care, a Muskogee support group for breast cancer patients, to design a logo to promote their fundraising activities. She also works to support local art organizations by donating her paintings for the Miniature Paintings 5″ x 5″ Show, presented by the Tulsa Artists Coalition. Each year she donates her paintings for a fund raising show “Greater Assets Art” organized by the Colon Cancer Coalition as the colon cancer awareness. Karin also designed and painted banners for many of the annual Azalea Festival organized by Muskogee Parks and Recreation.

She has received numerous awards for her artwork in oil, acrylic, charcoal and 3D media. Her paintings are in private collections in the U.S.A. and Europe.

The style of her work has changed over the years. She moved away from strictly traditional realistic paintings to soft contemporary paintings. “I enjoy the freedom of contemporary painting, where I can blend the reality with my fantasy. It allows me to be spontaneous, to play with colors and forms,” says Karin.

“One of my goals in my artistic activity is to contribute to the cultural life of the community where I live. Art is and always will be part of my life”.