OCTOBER 2015 — We planted 42 trees this past week of October 26th, 2015 at POSTOAK, as the first step of our Monarch Way Station.The trees inclue:
(12) Red Sunset Maple
(6) Mohawk Pecan
(6) Honeylocust
(12) Tulip Trees
(6) Silverwood Sycamore

Each Fall, hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies migrate from the United States and Canada to overwintering areas in Mexico and California where they wait out the winter until conditions favor a return flight in the spring. The monarch migration is truly one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

Monarch Waystations are places that provide resources necessary for monarchs to produce successive generations and sustain their migration.

We will be planting trees, grasses, milkweed mix, etc. This will be an area that will have walking paths, and much more, so that our guests can walk through and enjoy the process.