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Artists Currently on Display:

Keith Lough

Keith Lough is a Fine Art photographer who, when he loos at the ordinary world, sees different things than most others see. He looks at weeds sticking out a frozen pond and sees an abstract scenario, or he looks at water droplets in the kitchen sink and see an interesting composition.

Keith has been interested in photography since his teen years and has consistently been his passion as time has allowed. He rarely photographs people, but prefers landscapes, animals and objects that tell a story.

Being a purist, he prefers film, but in recent years has begun to use and perfect the use of digital cameras. He has in the last several years begun to move toward more “abstract photography,” focusing in very close to his subject or blurring the image or working from an unusual angle.


Barbara B. Glass

I have enjoyed painting for many years and have been glad to devote more time to it since retiring from work in the employee benefits field.  I paint primarily in oil, but also enjoy pastels and acrylics.  I generally work in a realistic style but am beginning to explore abstract work as well as contemporary realism. Immediately after retirement, I especially enjoyed painting portraits of my four granddaughters.